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Who is Sylvia Falcón?

Sylvia Falcón is the model of Piura Skincare.

Sylvia was born in the city of Lima, capital of Peru. She is the youngest daughter of an Indian extraction marriage.

Sylvia grew up in Lima inextricably interwoven with her Andean roots by stories of deep blue skies, endless rivers, silver moons, peasants and twilights. Rural threads intertwined her early dreams. Later, her constant trips through the sacred labyrinths of the highlands of Peru allowed her to become one with the culture and Andean art; as well as to get overwhelmed by the magic melodies of vernacular music.

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Yet, a growing interest in the vast traditional repertoire was consolidated on her, supported by her remarkable vocal qualities. Only a perfect chant reveals Mother Earth mysteries. And that, precisely is what Sylvia is, humid voice of earth, shattered elegy to the lyric mysticism of the Andes.

She studied Anthropology, at the National University of San Marcos; thus, theoretical and reflexive bases were added to her knowledge of indigenous historicity, reassuring the endless presence of the Andean universe crossing time and latitudes. She is now working on a paper work about identity and music.

In 2007, after sharing emotive musical moments in diverse concerts around Lima, Sylvia finished her first album: “Killa Lluqsimun”, when the moon rises, a dedicated project that beautifully shows Andean traditional music nowadays.

In the middle of a maturing process of creativity, Sylvia Falcón, reflects her life into the consolidation of an artistic project that could help become more visible the wonderful millenary culture she represents and the deep feeling of her people.